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From Here to Bruno Mars

  Male pop stars are a strange breed. Generally, they start out making sappy, sweet pop music about girls or love in the abstract. After a few years of this, however, there comes a time when all pop stars have … Continue reading

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Charting the rise of the extended hip-hop album

The last few years have been pretty great for hip-hop: Frank Ocean’s Blonde was a smash success in 2016 and 2017 saw stellar releases from Kendrick, Jay-Z and Tyler, The Creator. However, in addition to some stand-out successes, the last … Continue reading

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Radio Edits: A Love Letter

Everyone remembers the first time they heard a swear in a song. For some people, it was Rob Tyner commanding MC5 to “kick out the jams, motherfuckers.” For others, it was Axel Rose telling his detractors to “fuck off” on … Continue reading

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Retro Review: Tom Hanks is “Big”

– This is the first installment of a potential “Retro Review” series, in which I get to watch movies I’ve never seen and talk about them while everyone that reads this laughs at the “classic” movies I’ve never seen. –

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Childhood Terror: Afraid of the Dark, Afraid of the Light

Welcome back, dear readers. Consider this a continuation in the series of spooky, scary stories I’ve written in the last few months. Tonight, we focus on the one nearly universal fear: darkness.

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Living here in Khaled-Town: how DJ Khaled shared (and over-shared) his life with us

If you’re even remotely involved with social media right now, specifically Snapchat, you’ve probably seen DJ Khaled in some fashion.

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Why Hip Hop is angry over Slim Jesus and why it shouldn’t matter

Of the newer sub-genres of hip hop, none has been more prolific and recognizable than Drill Music. Drill is a trap-influenced style of hip hop out of Chicago that focuses on lyrics glorifying guns and gang violence, as well as … Continue reading

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