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Radio Edits: A Love Letter

Everyone remembers the first time they heard a swear in a song. For some people, it was Rob Tyner commanding MC5 to “kick out the jams, motherfuckers.” For others, it was Axel Rose telling his detractors to “fuck off” on … Continue reading

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Retro Review: Tom Hanks is “Big”

– This is the first installment of a potential “Retro Review” series, in which I get to watch movies I’ve never seen and talk about them while everyone that reads this laughs at the “classic” movies I’ve never seen. –

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Childhood Terror: Afraid of the Dark, Afraid of the Light

Welcome back, dear readers. Consider this a continuation in the series of spooky, scary stories I’ve written in the last few months. Tonight, we focus on the one nearly universal fear: darkness.

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Living here in Khaled-Town: how DJ Khaled shared (and over-shared) his life with us

If you’re even remotely involved with social media right now, specifically Snapchat, you’ve probably seen DJ Khaled in some fashion.

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Why Hip Hop is angry over Slim Jesus and why it shouldn’t matter

Of the newer sub-genres of hip hop, none has been more prolific and recognizable than Drill Music. Drill is a trap-influenced style of hip hop out of Chicago that focuses on lyrics glorifying guns and gang violence, as well as … Continue reading

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I’m fairly sure Adele and Drake wrote the same song…

The entire month of October, one song reigned supreme in the public eye: Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” The weird, minimal instrumental, coupled with the easily digested lyrical content firmly cemented the song into the public consciousness. Then he released a video … Continue reading

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The Most Gracious of Hosts: Coheed and Cambria celebrates ten years of Good Apollo

Coheed and Cambria are one of the most popular rock bands of the last 20 years. Their career has so far spanned seven albums (and with the release of The Color Before The Sun in October, an even eight) and … Continue reading

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