New Balance “The Second Narrows” Clip

Thrasher’s YouTube channel posted this 7 minute clip from New Balance’s skate team entitled “The Second Narrows.” They posted this 30 second teaser on Monday, which had me excited for the full video.

The video makes heavy use of “cuts,” from one skater in one location to another team rider elsewhere, or sometimes the same location from a different angle. I haven’t seen this anywhere else in recent years, and I really really enjoy the idea. It almost seems like a reaction to the current short-format video that everyone’s so fond of. Vine, snapchat video, and Instagram video are all super popular, and the #instaclip hashtag has skaters posting short clips to instagram, so this seems like the logical progression – a video with no “parts.”

I think this gives the team a more unified image. There are no distinct parts, so everyone takes a sort of collective ownership of the video. In a sense it lends a team element to skateboarding, which has been about doing your own thing since the beginning.

The video itself flows reeeeally well, NB took a lot of time to get shots lined up as close as possible. My only gripe is the organization of the cuts: sometimes the jump happens after 2 tricks, sometimes 1, and sometimes it’s 4 seconds of someone rolling down the street and then a cut.

Also, Tyler Surrey seems to dominate the footage. I’m not sure if he had a better month than everyone else, or that NB is saving something for a full length, but either way, some really solid skating from everyone.


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