New Defeater Song

Defeater Live. Photo Cred - Flickr user Victoria Morse

Defeater Live. Photo Cred – Flickr user Victoria Morse

This week, Defeater released the first song off of their newest album, Letters Home. The song, called “Bastards,” clocks in at a speedy 2:38. However, the song manages to make a fantastic impact in that brief amount of time.

The sounds on this new song are a progression from their last full-length, Empty Days & Sleepless Nights. Vocalist Derek Archambault’s lyrics continue the band’s concept (which chronicles life in post-war America), and still carry the same raw emotion that he is known for. However, he has changed his sound for the new album, from a more airy scream (shown here on “Dear Father“) to a vocal style with a little more depth and force. The music itself has also evolved: guitarists Jake Maas and Jake Woodruff on “Bastards” play with a much more aggressive and “metal” sound. Drum-wise, Joe Longobardi plays the same intricate patterns that have defined Defeater’s sound, but he is given free reign to add more force and power to his playing. Whereas earlier material reminded me of pre- “No World For Tomorrow” – era Coheed and Cambria and The Bled, “Bastards” brings to mind a heavier group of bands, like Architects (UK).

If “Bastards” is a good reflection of the album, this new release is moving in a very good direction for the band. Can’t wait.


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